We Dont Get Paid Until You Get Paid!
Take a look at some of the benefits of using PROCESSING DONE RIGHT to process your loans compared to in-house processing:
  • Expensive staffing costs--payroll, taxes, workers compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, employee benefits, advertising, hiring, training, firing, re-training, additional equipment costs, supplies.

  • Sick/absent employees--files sit if no one is there to work on them.

  • Valuable office space is used for "paperwork."
  • No staffing costs to you! We incur the entire personnel cost. No more staffing adjustments due to market changes. Our dedicated courteous team will always act in a professional manner while processing your loans.

  • We have several experienced processors to help follow through with your loans.

  • Your office space is now freed up for marketing and increasing sales.
20 Years Of Experience
After speaking with many mortgage professionals, it was obvious that an overwhelming need for quality loan processing existed.
Many brokers and loan officers with whom we met were just not happy with in-houseprocessing and really did not know where else to go.
We knew there ought to be a better option. In response, PROCESSING DONE RIGHT was founded.

Your ​PROCESSING DONE RIGHT team brings many years of mortgage industry experience to your service as well as a strong
background in customer service.